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Alternate Rules

Many alternate rules exist. It is worth noting, however, rules are there for a reason and to play any game outside its rules is fairly pointless and in the experience of people interviewed it is bad losers who quite often introduce new rules usually without other players knowledge so that they can get an edge, be careful of this.

  Popular alternate rules
1 Everyone playing must call "Yellow Car" and the last person to call gets hit by everyone
  -this rule seems as though it may have been made up by a group of people intent on picking on one person
2 Yellow punch buggies or minis count for 2
  -this rule is not strictly a rule of the yellow car game as it is a mixture or this game and others. It is therefore down to players whether or not they play the minipunch game, the punchbuggies game or the yellow car game or all together.
3 Yellow cars are anything on 4 wheels
  -this rule is absurd and has been found to include rollerskates among other things. Also this would mean Robin Reliants aren't included, not our choice of car but surely it is still a car!